Fitness Gadgets Help You Work Out Wirelessly

Measure your heart rate, connect to your iPhone.

Sept. 25, 2011 — -- Professional athletes have first-rate trainers, sports doctors and all kinds of fancy equipment. For the rest of us, there are a wide range of electronic devices that can help monitor and improve performance, whatever your favorite sport. Some even work with your smartphone. Here's a list.

Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor: $129

The Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor is a new workout tool for managing pulse, training type, calories burned, music and more with your iPhone or iPod touch.

For fitness fans who like to be in control when they run or walk, the Scosche myTrek is like having a personal trainer to tell you when you're working in your target heart rate zone. No need to wear a chest strap to get your heart rate, the sensor is on an armband that wraps around your forearm.

Download the free app from the iTunes store and you're ready for serious action.

It displays a real-time visual representation of your pulse rate, calories burned, total workout time and distance run, walked or biked.

An audio prompt provides real-time feedback during your workout to keep you in your target zone. Each workout zone is represented in a different color so you can quickly identify when you're at the desired intensity level.

If you need music to keep you motivated, control your iPad right from the armband during your workout. You can also track previous workout stats with the integrated calendar function.

iBike Dash Cycling Computer for iPhone and iPod Touch: $199

For those who prefer biking to running, the iBike is a lightweight wireless bicycle computer system that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into your own personal fitness trainer.

It attaches like a dashboard to your handlebars. All the nuts and bolts are included.

The case houses the circuitry, keeps out water and absorbs shock. You can easily move it from bike to bike.

Download the free iBike app from the iTunes App Store and personalize your goals.

The iBike will tell you when your cycling effort is optimal for burning fat, how many calories you're using during the ride, what speed and distance you're traveling, and even where you are on your bike route. It can help you set personal fitness goals, measure your progress and allow you to adjust your performance as you enjoy your ride.

It allows seamless hands-free calls using your iPhone and Bluetooth headset with no interruption of ride data collection. And it has a touch screen you can use even while wearing cycling gloves.

Finis AquaPulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor: $149.99

Swim laps and measure your heart rate without missing a stroke with the AquaPulse Waterproof heart rate monitor. It attaches to your ear lobe and goggles and verbally sends your heart rate through your cheekbone into your inner ear. You can set it to alert you every 10 seconds or every 2 to 5 minutes, whenever you want to know if you're swimming in the zone.

The battery lasts 5-8 hours.

iSport Immersion in-ear headphones by Monster: $179

Monster's iSport headphones are completely washable, which means you can jump right in to the pool with them, and they're also sweat-proof. Monster says headphones that get sweaty and dirty should be designed to go in the wash, and so these are.

The headphones come with the Immersion in-ear clip design that helps to keep the headphones in place while you're working out or wearing glasses.

They feature Monster's ControlTalk technology, which lets you control audio and video playback right from the headphones themselves, and a microphone so you can answer calls.

HoodieBuddie: $44

If you just want to walk and listen to your music, put on your hoodie and start the music.

The HoodieBuddie has HB3 technology, which integrates full device connectivity into sweatshirts and other apparel through an input jack in the pocket.

It has machine-washable drawstring earbuds. That means you don't need your headphones -- just throw your iPod into your pocket and hit the road. The drawstrings pump out the tunes. And did I say machine-washable?