Scary Looking Deep Sea Fish Discovered in 'Midnight Zone' of Ocean

PHOTO: A New Anglerfish was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico.Nova Southeastern University
A New Anglerfish was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico.

This newly discovered species of deep sea fish look like something that belongs in a horror movie.

The mutant-looking marine species -- called ceratioid anglerfish -- were discovered in the northern Gulf of Mexico between 1,000-1,500 meters below the surface. The are is so deep there is no sunlight, with the bio-luminescence of some fish as the only light source.

Three of the females discovered ranged in size from one to 3 1/2-inches long. Despite their small stature, the fish are incredibly memorable looking with a spiky jaw and a pole-like protrusion coming from the top of their head.

The appendage is used to snag prey, according to a report published in published in the journal Copeia. The animals dangle the pole tricking another fish to think they've found dinner before turning them into the meal.

"Finding this new species reinforces the notion that our inventory of life in the vast ocean interior is far from complete," Tracey Sutton, a Nova Southeastern University expert in deep sea life who worked on the report said in a statement. "Every research trip is an adventure and another opportunity to learn about our planet and the varied creatures who call it home."

The three females who were plucked from the ocean will live at the University of Washington, which is home to a huge deep-sea anglerfish collection.