Get Your Free iPhone 4 Case From Apple

Apple releases details on free bumper program for iPhone 4 owners.

ByKi Mae Heussner
July 23, 2010, 2:47 PM

July 23, 2010— -- The latest buzzworthy application to hit Apple's App store isn't a game, news reader or noise maker. It's an reception solution.

The new app lets every iPhone 4 owner order the free bumper cases Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised them last week to alleviate the reception problems plaguing the newest iPhone.

When Jobs announced last Friday that the company would give away free bumper cases, he didn't indicate how the company would release. But today Apple launched the "iPhone 4 Case Program" application, which allows iPhone owners to choose a free bumper or case from a variety of options. The plastic covers surround the sides of the phone and prevent human touch from disrupting the antenna signal.

Customers who previously purchased a bumper or case qualify for a refund and, according to reports, Apple today started sending customers e-mails alerting them that it was processing the refunds.

To order their free bumpers through the application, users sign in with their Apple IDs and passwords and are then presented with about a half-dozen options.

In addition to the Apple branded-bumper, users can choose from cases offered by third-parties, including the Griffin Motif iPhone cover, the Belkin Shield Micra and the InCase snap case.

After selecting the case they would like to receive, Apple confirms the transaction with an e-mail. The company said the items will ship in three to five weeks.

But it seems that the deal won't last forever. The application said that customers who bought their phones before July 23 must apply no later than Aug. 22. Others must apply within 30 days of their iPhone 4 purchase. The program will end on Sept. 30.

Free Bumper Announcement Comes After Weeks of Complaints

Jobs' free bumper announcement came at a highly anticipated press conference at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California last Friday, after weeks of bad publicity over iPhone 4 reception issues.

Soon after the phone's launch, tech reviewers and users began complaining that holding the phone in a certain way blocks the external antenna, leading to dropped calls and reception issues.

The flaw -- dubbed the "death grip" by many bloggers -- has also led to several lawsuits seeking class action status.

"We're not perfect, and phones aren't perfect either," Jobs said at the news conference. "But we want to make all of our users happy... and if you don't know that about Apple, you don't know Apple."

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