Google Calendar App Now Available to iPhone Users

What iPhone users can expect from Google's calendar app.

— -- Google's gorgeous calendar app is ready to take over your iPhone.

The search engine giant released a version of its calendar app for iOS users today -- months after it debuted an Android version.

Boasting a colorful palette in line with the company's clean, boxy "material design" aesthetic, the Google Calendar app is designed to work with all of the existing calendars set up on a user's iPhone.

What makes it stand out from other organizational tools is the ability to automatically turn Gmail emails into events that can be saved on a calendar. Assists can also suggest people, places and contacts when a user is entering something into their calendar -- making it easy to plan dinner with a group of friends.

The app also offers schedule view, which gives iPhone users a beautiful way to scan their schedule -- whether it's a snapshot of the day or a weekly outlook.