Google Reveals the Top Misspelled Word in Every State

"Tomorrow" is a hard word for Florida residents to spell.

Using search queries that began with "how to spell" and then the word in question, Google was able to determine the most troublesome words for people in all 50 states.

California is home to the Mojave Desert, but the word "desert" had the most spelling queries. Arizonans and people in New Hampshire struggled with the word "diarrhea," while Floridians searched for the proper spelling of "tomorrow."

Other repeat offenders were "pneumonia," "cancelled," "vacuum" and "gray."

The full list: Alabama - Tongue; Alaska - Hawaii; Arizona - Diarrhea; Arkansas - Leprechaun; California - Desert; Colorado - Beautiful; Connecticut - Desert; Delaware - Neighbor; Florida - Tomorrow; Georgia - Appreciate; Hawaii - Boutineer; Idaho - Desert; Illinois - Appreciate; Indiana - Desert; Iowa - Maintenance; Kansas - Schedule; Kentucky - Maintenance; Louisiana - Definitely; Maine - Vacuum; Maryland - Cancelled; Massachusetts - Massachusetts; Michigan - Gray; Minnesota - Broccoli; Mississippi - Sergeant; Missouri - Pneumonia; Montana - Vacuum; Nebraska - Guarantee; Nevada - Cousin; New Hampshire - Diarrhea; New Jersey - February; New Mexico - Neighbor; New York - Beautiful; North Carolina - Pneumonia; North Dakota - Attitude; Ohio - Banana; Oklahoma - Gray; Oregon - Definitely; Pennsylvania - Cancelled; Rhode Island - Cancelled; South Carolina - Convenience; South Dakota - Gray; Tennessee - Courtesy; Texas - Niece; Utah - Leprechaun; Vermont - Possible; Virginia - Cancelled; Washington - Pneumonia; West Virginia - Giraffe; Wisconsin - Vacuum; Wyoming - Ornery

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is set to crown its top speller tonight when the finals continue at 8 p.m. ET.