Google's Mysterious Barges Confirmed to Be Technology Demo Space

PHOTO: Two men fish in the water in front of a barge on Treasure Island in San Francisco, Oct. 29, 2013.Jeff Chiu/AP Photo
Two men fish in the water in front of a barge on Treasure Island in San Francisco, Oct. 29, 2013.

One of Silicon Valley's greatest mysteries has been solved.

No, we still don't know where Apple's long-rumored TV is or what Mark Zuckerberg will do with all the houses he just bought. But after weeks of speculation Google confirmed today that the barges spotted in Portland and San Francisco are owned by the company and will be used to demonstrate technology products.

"Google Barge … A floating data center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? Sadly, none of the above. Although it's still early days and things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology," a Google spokesperson said in a statement provided to ABC News today. Techcrunch first reported on Google's official confirmation.

For the last two weeks, the anchored barges have been an abiding mystery in the technology industry. The CBS affiliate in San Francisco speculated that it was party deck or showroom. CNET, which broke the story on Oct. 25, thought it might be a floating data center.

Google isn't releasing any more details on the barge other than the aforementioned statement, but many expect the space to be used to demonstrate the company's Google Glass product, which is best demonstrated in spots with a nice view. Google Glass is expected to be available to the public in early 2014. However, Google has no details to share on when the barge might be opened or what else people might be able to learn about at the space.

And with that, one of Silicon Valley's greatest mysteries continues.