Find Out Which of Your Facebook Friends Hate You

Some of your Facebook friends probably don't like you. Find out who.

ByABC News
December 3, 2013, 2:23 PM
Hate with Friends lets you discover which of your Facebook friends hate you.
Hate with Friends lets you discover which of your Facebook friends hate you.
Chris Baker

Dec. 3, 2013 — -- Time for a reality check. Of all those Facebook friends you've racked up over the past few years, some probably don't actually 'like' you and you probably don't actually 'like' some of them.

Sure, you could just keep pretending to like them by ignoring their posts or you could find out if they hate you too with a new tool called Hate with Friends. Log into with your Facebook account and it will bring in a list of all your friends, from there you can select the friends you hate. If that person has used the service and has "hated you," you will get an alert that you both hate each other.

Of course, the site isn't meant to be taken very seriously. "It's meant to be some fun and social commentary on the current status of Facebook," Chris Baker, the 30-year-old creator of the site, told ABC News. He expects that it will be a rare occurrence when mutual hatred is found on the site.

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Baker was also behind (now called Rather), a plug-in for Facebook or other social networks that lets you block updates about a specific topic. (We found it to be useful around Royal Baby coverage season.) Baker created Hate with Friends with two of his friends who thought it would be fun to poke fun at both Facebook and the Bang with Friends, an app that allows you to sign into the service via Facebook and then select the friends of the opposite sex that you'd like to, well, bang.

"It just sounded hilarious to do the exact opposite," Baker said.

Still, he does believe that anti-social networks are a fun way to comment on our hyper-social society.

"I think this anti-social stuff is the next big trend," he said. "Will the next social network be a picture of a padded cell?"