Instagram dims its lights with iOS 13 Dark Mode feature

Update the operating system on your smartphone and update the app to try it.

October 8, 2019, 2:22 PM

Instagram hit the lights and the internet is beaming.

The photo-sharing app has inverted its bright white hue to a sleek true black with its latest update featuring Dark Mode.

PHOTO: A screenshot that shows the latest Instagram display in Dark Mode.
A screenshot that shows the latest Instagram display in Dark Mode.
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How to update Instagram on iOS or Android

1. Update your device’s operating system to iOS 13 or Android 10.
2. Update your Instagram app.
3. Open your iOS or Android device settings.
4. Select display and select dark.
5. Open the updated Instagram app and see the jet black theme.

Naturally, users were fast to try the trend for themselves and so far it's gotten some glowing reviews on social media.

Others took the opportunity to ask for an update they think more users would appreciate, like a chronological feed.

When Dark Mode is turned on in device settings, other apps may now appear in Dark Mode, not just Instagram.

The feature that rolled out Monday is compatible in the latest iPhone and Android operating systems.

Instagram also announced a new security feature in the latest update that will help identify phishing emails.

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