Instagram's FOMO Effect Will Be Unbearable This Summer

The summer's just begun but Instagram is filled with beaches, barbecues & tans

May 27, 2014— -- We've all felt the "fear of missing out" at one time or another, but looking at Instagram this summer may cause a FOMO epidemic.

As the summer season unofficially kicked off this Memorial Day Weekend, Instagram was flooded with photos of beaches, barbecues and exotic palm tree-dotted locales.

The photo sharing app's popularity has soared this year to some 200 million users, all uploading photos documenting their favorite moments. More than 20 billion photos have been uploaded to the app so far.

If your Instagram feed wasn't filled with jealousy-inducing snaps this weekend, scroll through a search for the Memorial Day Weekend hashtags "#mdw" or "mdw14" and check out some of the sun, sand and water photos that pop up.