What You Need to Know About Internet Explorer Fix

Good news for stubborn Windows XP users.

May 1, 2014— -- Microsoft will deliver a patch today to fix an Internet Explorer security flaw that left users of the browser vulnerable to attacks that were so worrisome it prompted federal officials earlier this week to issue a warning.

Microsoft said they will deliver the patch for all versions of Internet Explorer and also release a patch for users of the Windows XP operating system, despite discontinuing technical assistance and updates for the 12-year-old operating system last month.

If users have automatic updates turned on, there will be no need to take any action to get the patch.

Windows XP Support Expires: What You Need to Do

Microsoft also encouraged any holdout users of XP to consider upgrading their operating system.

"The threat landscape has changed, and attackers have become more sophisticated. Modern operating systems like Windows 7 and 8.1 have more safety and security features than older operating systems, like Windows XP," a company blog post said.

The glitch, which was announced less than a week ago, works by tricking users into visiting a malicious website that then quietly installs malware, turning control of the system over to hackers, according to a Microsoft security advisory released Sunday.

Internet Explorer is the top desktop browser, accounting for nearly 58 percent of users last month, according to NetMarketShare.

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