Twitter Co-Founder Makes New Social Network to Answer All Your Questions

Jelly encourages people to use each other for information about the world.

Jan. 8, 2014— -- Jellyfish may not be known for their intelligence, but for Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, their loose network of connected nerves serves as the perfect metaphor for his latest project. Jelly, Stone’s new social network, aims to outsource any question you have to your friends, your friend’s friends, and so on.

“We stumbled upon this concept that everyone’s mobile, everyone’s connected,” said Stone. If you have a question, there’s somebody out there who knows the answer.”

Stone and fellow Jelly co-founder Ben Finkel are looking to make their app more than just the next version of Yahoo Answers. Users can snap a quick photo about anything that piques their curiosity and ask their Jelly friends, “What exactly is this?” From there, the friends can either answer their question, or forward the question to people that might know the answer.

The Twitter co-founders have started to look beyond their microblogging service and worked to create their own apps and services. Jack Dorsey launched Square, a mobile payments company. Evan Williams worked with Stone last year to launch the storytelling platformMedium.

Jelly is available for both iOS and Android. However, you may be better off following the direct links from its website, as both marketplaces are filled with plenty of apps with the word Jelly.