Lonely Apple Watch Owners Find Strangers With a Heart on Reddit

Seeking: Fellow lonely Apple Watch owners who need a friend.

— -- One is the loneliest number -- until you turn to the Internet.

One of the more intimate features of the watch is the ability for one wearer to send the vibration of their heartbeat to an Apple Watch wearing friend. Users can also send drawings back and forth.

Antonio Sergio of South Bend, Indiana, has had his Apple Watch Sport since the April 24 release date, however, he told ABC News he's the only person he knows with the wearable device.

While he tested the features on himself by entering his own contact information, Sergio said having friends with a watch has made it even more fun.

"We send each other little taps to say hello," he said.

Kathie Minella of Tennessee told ABC News she received drawings on her stainless steel Apple Watch within minutes of posting on Reddit.

"It's kind of cool because you send little pictures and say hi," Minella said. "Some people are really good at writing on it. They have their penmanship down."