Meet the People Already Lining Up Outside Apple's Flagship Store

Meet the people already lining up outside Apple's flagship store.

ByABC News
September 4, 2014, 2:19 PM

— -- The four people lined up outside of Apple's flagship store in New York City are so confident they're waiting for a new iPhone that they're willing to spend weeks camped out on a sidewalk.

"We will stay until the release date: Who cares how long. We've committed ourselves to do this," Moon Ray, at the front of the line along with her husband, Jason Ray, told ABC News.

The Rays said they traveled from Jackson, Mississippi, to New York City for the first time to wait in line. They said they hoped to use their prominent spot in the queue to raise awareness for a health care start-up.

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The speculation around a Sept. 9 Apple announcement has centered on the possible release of an iPhone 6. However, Apple has declined to say what it has up its sleeve.

If history is any indicator and the new phone is announced, it likely won't come out until 10 days later, meaning the Rays and their fellow line sitters are going to have to bundle up for many more nights spent sleeping on a New York City sidewalk.

Joseph Cruz and Brian Ceballo, cousins from New York City, who were initially first and second in line, said the Rays purchased their spots from them for $1,250 each -- which they were more than happy to accept.

Cruz and Ceballo are veterans when it comes to camping outside Apple stores. The cousins, who were being sponsored by BuyBackWorld, said it's something they have been doing since the iPhone 3G.

Last year, they spent 15 days camped out and learned from the experience. This year, they expect to wait 20 days.

"We try to stay as minimal as possible," Ceballo said. "Last time, we would bring our whole house with us here."

Jonah Wong, who flew in from Hong Kong, said it was his first time camping out for an iPhone -- an experience he said has been "a little bit crazy" since he joined the queue Wednesday night.

"It's not something normal people will do," he said. "It’s something we can check off our bucket list."