Microsoft Buys Acompli, an App That Could Change How You Email

What Microsoft has planned for mobile email start-up Acompli.

The app displays the most important information, makes it easier to find old emails and helps create a calendar, making sure you never miss an important meeting or moment.

"This acquisition is part of our company-wide effort to help people accomplish more with their mobile devices," Rajesh Jha, Microsoft's corporate vice president, said in a blog post.

The announcement of the acquisition comes days after a misfired blog post that was briefly published last week, fueling speculation that the two companies would soon join forces.

"We remain committed to the original Acompli vision of making the best mobile email application on any platform and across all services. Your app and accounts will continue to work and the team will continue on our fast pace of improving and adding new functionality every couple of weeks," Javier Soltero, CEO of Acompli, said in a blog post today.

Productivity has been a prevailing theme at Microsoft this year. The company brought its Office suite to iOS devices earlier this year and recently released them to Android users for free.

It appeared to pay off for Microsoft, with the Office apps climbing to the top of the most popular apps charts.

Google also tackled the problem of email inbox clutter in October with "Inbox," a super powered app for Gmail users that provides organization and context to existing emails, such as letting you know if your upcoming flight is delayed.