MIT Releases Drone-Themed Admissions Video in Anticipation of Decision Day

In the video, the drones break out of an MIT building and fly across the world.

— -- Hopefuls for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2019 are only one week away from decision day, and a newly released drone-themed video by the school's admissions office may be adding to the prospective students' anticipation.

The video, posted to the admissions office blog Friday, shows drones carrying acceptance letters fly right out of the top of an MIT building.

The drones then take to the skies, flying throughout the world. The video culminates when one drone drops an acceptance letter at a home in an undisclosed location. "2019s are happening," the video writes.

While the question of whether students' decision letters will be delivered by drones may still be up in the air, one thing that makes this year's MIT decision day special is certain.

Acceptances will be released Saturday, March 14, 2015, which coincides with Pi Day. Results will even be made available at 9:26 a.m., so the entire time and date represents the first digits of Pi -- 3.1415926.

ABC News' request for comment from MIT admissions was not immediately returned.