Mother's Day: Best Tech Gifts for Every Sort of Mom

Not your typical tech: the best tech gifts for Mother's Day.

ByABC News
April 25, 2012, 6:00 PM

April 26, 2012 — -- intro: Mother's Day! It's a wonderful day – one where you can tell the (or one of the!) most important woman in your life how much you appreciate her.

What's not so wonderful is struggling to find the right gift for her -- one that fits mom perfectly. Instead of compiling the typical gadget gift list this year, we've come up with a well-rounded list of good tech gifts for all the different types of moms out there.

quicklist: 1title: iMemoriesCategory: For Sentimental Mom text: We'll say this is for the sentimental mom, but really what mom isn't sentimental? This is the gift you want to give anyone who has lots of old video stored up on VHS or DV tapes. iMemories will convert all that non-digital video or even photos from old slides to digital video. You just have to pop the tapes in a box and ship it to iMemories. They will then convert it to a digital format or DVD – they will even send you a link so you can view all the media online before getting it converted. For $99.99, you get the starter kit, which includes a box and a gift card. There are a number of rates, but it costs about $9.99 per DVD. (iMemories) media: 16215210

quicklist: 2title: Biscotti TV Phone ($149) Category: For Far-Away Mom text: Video chatting on your computer is one thing, but getting to see it on the big screen is the perfect gift for the far-away mom. If your mom is in a different state or country, the Biscotti TV Phone is the perfect way to see her. The Biscotti (yes, it's shaped like the pastry) has a small camera and mic built into it . When you plug it into your TV, via HDMI, and then connect it to your WiFi network, you can make calls to others who have the Biscotti or who are signed into Google Talk. Oh, and the video quality isn't bad either. (Biscotti)media: 16215200

quicklist: 3title: Withings Smart Baby Monitor ($299) Category: For New Momtext: How could we leave out the new mom? The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is perfect for the new mom who loves her new baby but also loves her new iPad or iPhone. The high-tech baby monitor connects to WiFi and has a built-in camera and mic. Put it near the baby's crib and you can use an iPhone or iPad app to check in on the baby while he or she sleeps or pretends to sleep. (Withings)media: 16215223

quicklist: 4title: Bikn ($129.99)Category: For Forgetful Momtext: Okay, so maybe all moms can be forgetful at times, but the Bikn is perfect for the forgetful mom with an iPhone. The package comes with an iPhone case and two tags, which can be hooked on to a set of keys or any other object that tends to be misplaced. Download the app on your phone and turn on one of those tags and you will be able to track those tags and set off a beep to find them. You can also use those tags to find your phone. But it's not a perfect solution -- mom is going to have to remember one more thing: to charge the tags! (Bikn)media: 16215187

quicklist: 5title: Tech Support (Free) Category: For the Not-Very-Tech-Saavy Mom text: When it comes to tech, the best gift you can give is actually free. Instead of running out to get mom a fancy new gadget, how about giving her some personal tech support? That's right, give her a little bit of your free time. Instead of having your mom call you in a rush with computer or phone questions, sit down with her for an hour and teach her some basics. And if your mom already knows the basics, teach her some other cool tricks. Maybe teach her about Google's new service -- Google Drive -- or fill her in on some Facebook privacy setting tricks. (Just remember: Be patient with your mom. It's her day.) media: 16221088