Mother's Day Gifts 2011: Ditch the Flowers, Go for Gadgets

There's a camera the kids won't break, a trench to it all and so much more.

May 5, 2011 — -- Tired of giving your mother flowers that always end up dead in the garbage? Hate that the jewelry you bought for her never sees the light of day -- well, except for that one Halloween? Want to do something grander than a homemade card? I mean, you aren't in kindergarten anymore anyway. Then here's the ultimate Mother's Day shopping guide for you.

Ditch the daisies, forgo the diamonds and leave the breakfast in bed to the children. This is the year for gadgets.

B&N Nook Color

A recent update to the Nook Color's operating system makes this 7-inch e-reader even more tabletlike. It now features email, Internet access, support for flash video on the Web and downloadable apps. Even "Angry Birds!" Add that to the digital books, magazines, newspapers and full color children's books it was known for and you've got a gift Mom is sure to love. Price: $250

Kodak PlaySport Video Camera Zx5

With the Flip video camera out of the running, you can rest assured there are still great options for taking HD video and easily getting them out of your camera and sharing them with friends and family. Kodak's PlaySport Video Camera shoots 1080p HD video, is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet and so Mom won't worry about handing it off to the kids, it's even shockproof. Price: $179.95

Kodak EasyShare Sport Camera

Hand this little guy off to the kids and don't worry about sand or dust. Or even a dunk in the pool. It's made for that! And when you want to share those vacation photos, choose the destination right in the camera, whether it's an email address, a photo website or Facebook. When you connect to your computer, the pictures are automatically shared, saving Mom lots of time.Price: $80

Scottevest Women's Trench

Anyone who has kids knows how it goes. "Mom, can you hold this?" "Mom, can you carry this for me?"

And before you know it, you have 10 items that don't belong to you, along with all of your own gadgets, like your e-reader, your iPhone, your water bottle and your car keys. Yes, Moms can juggle, but really… all that?

The Scottevest Women's Trench has 18 pockets inside and out roomy enough to hold all that … and then some. It's stylish and waterproof and comes in four great colors. Great for going through the airport! Best of all, its zippers can be pulled open with one hand, 'cause we all know a mom's other hand is usually busy holding something or someone. Price: $150

iPad 2

Topping the wish lists of many moms this Mother's Day is the iPad 2. It's thinner, lighter, and oh so portable, which is great for moms on the run. She can read e-books on it, keep the family calendar, do email, listen to music, even watch a little Netflix while sitting on the sideline at a softball game. And with the built-in rear-facing camera, now there's the ability to shoot video at the game as well. Then help her load it up with apps so everyone can be entertained...don't forget Angry Birds! Target and Toys R Us now sell iPads so call ahead for availability.Price: Starts at $499

Viper SmartStart

If you really want to warm Mom's heart, get her a remote starter for her car. There's nothing that says I love you more than a warmed-up car on a cold morning. Viper now offers a free SmartStart app so once all the wiring is installed, you can start your car with your smart phone! It works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.Price: $299

Toddy Smart Cloth

Fingerprints and smudges. We all know tablets, phones and e-readers are magnets for fingerprints and all kinds of germs, but are baby wipes really the thing to use?

Toddy Smart Cloths are double-sided microfiber cloths designed to clean, buff and polish those electronic gadgets. The microfiber removes all the smudges and dirt without the need for water and the cloths have an antimicrobial coating, protecting against future germs. They come in fun colors and patterns. What mom wouldn't want that? Price: $15

Accessorize Mom

You can never go wrong with accessories for Mom's gadgets; it's like getting the right bling for that little black dress. Only this bling is really important because not only does it have to look fashionable and fabulous, and be easy to clean, it has to do the job of protecting the precious objects inside.

Built Neoprene E-Reader/Tablet Envelope

Keeps your device safe from bumps and scratches, especially when it's thrown into a big Mommy bag filled with other stuff. The fold-over closure secures the device safely inside and the plush inner panel helps protect it from coming up against strange objects like car keys and juice boxes. In fact, there's an inner zip pocket for storing things like keys or a phone so you always have them handy.Price: $30

Vivitar Case for iPad, iPhone -- Bamboo Collection

If you love bamboo, you'll love Vivitar's Bamboo Collection, a new line of eco-friendly electronics accessories. It's out with a keyboard, iPhone and iPad cases and ear buds -- all made of natural and recycled materials.

Price: $29.99 each

Case-Mate Universal Kayla Combo Clutch

For Moms headed out for a night on the town, there's the Kayla Wristlet. It's a super-chic item made of canvas and leather organized for the efficient Mom. Inside, there's a zipper pocket for money, ID, a few credit cards and of course, a lip gloss. Outside, your smartphone is safely and securely tucked away but easily accessible. Price: $48

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap

If Mom already has an iPad 2, this case will wrap her in style. The cover folds back to act as a viewing and typing stand, like Apple's Smart Cover, and the case itself protects the front and back of the device. Rubberized grip makes it easy and comfy to hold.Price: $50