Movo Wave: Cheap Fitness Tracker Aims to Shake Up Crowded Market

What to expect from the $29.99 Movo Wave.

— -- There's a new entry in the crowded fitness tracker market, and it's aiming low.

The Movo Wave is a bare bones tracker that stands out most for its price: $29.99.

The technology is smart but stripped down, meaning you won't get the extra features you may find on rival devices.

There's no sleep quality tracking and customized alerts to get the user moving, which can be found on the Jawbone and Fitbit wearables, among a slew of other features.

The Movo Wave focuses on three metrics: Steps, distance traveled and calories burned, the three areas the company deems the most important to understanding your daily habits.

Putting the Movo Wave on, it feels like a hair tie. Weighing less than ounce, it's easy to forget you're wearing the bracelet.

Data can be synced to an app by plugging the device into the headphone jack of the user's smartphone.

One nice touch: Users also have the option of pairing their activity to photos of moments in their daily lives, creating what the company calls a "life log."

The device is water resistant, though it's not recommended users wear it while swimming or showering. It also boasts two weeks of operation on one charge and comes in a range of sizes so it won't fall off your wrist.

People who want to commit to a fitness wearable full time may be better served spending a little extra money to get the other features. One option: The $49.99 Misfit Flash, which takes all of your basic metrics, also measures sleep, and works off of a battery.

But the bottom line is that if you're curious about fitness trackers and don't want any extra bells and whistles, the Movo Wave is a great cost-effective buy to explore the world of wearables.

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