Introducing MyBell, a Digital Horn and Light System for Cyclists and Scooter Riders

Brooklyn-based cyclists seek to make streets safer.

ByABC News
June 23, 2014, 1:07 PM
Avid cyclists out of Brooklyn have created MYBELL, a new digital horn and lights system for bikes and scooters.
Avid cyclists out of Brooklyn have created MYBELL, a new digital horn and lights system for bikes and scooters.

— -- A group of inventors are seeking to make the streets a little safer on two wheels with MyBell, a customizable digital horn and light system for bikes and scooters.

The Brooklyn-based team of avid cyclists launched their Kickstarter campaign today, hoping to have MyBells available to the public by February of next year.

Steve Remy, Peter Pottier and Valentin Siderskiy, the team behind MyBell, describe themselves as “a scrappy trio of tech and business.” Remy and Siderskiy bring mechanical and electrical engineering experience to the group, while Pottier brings the business savvy and idea for MyBell.

Peter Pottier said his inspiration for MyBell came after almost getting into an accident riding his bike in New York City. As someone stood blocking his path, “I rang my bell, but to no avail –- the pedestrian either didn’t hear or didn’t care,” Pottier told ABC News.

After visiting some shops to find a bell replacement, Pottier was unimpressed with what he saw, thinking an air horn should not be the only alternative.

His solution? MyBell, which Pottier said he hopes will create “a more pleasant exchange between cyclists and non-cyclists.” MyBell allows the user to project customized sounds upwards of 105 decibels, along with high intensity LEDs, which can be programmed to user-selected pulse patterns.

MyBell is controlled with just a single button, providing easy access to the safety features the user may need. Different modes include Day On, which triggers one of two sounds depending on either a single or double tap, or Night On, which activates the High Intensity LEDs along with the sounds.

MyBell will also fit on nearly any bike or scooter. Its removable strap can be easily attached to handlebars when on the go and easily detached so that users can take MyBell wherever they go.

“Make sure the rest of the world knows you’re coming –- in style,” urges the MyBell team.

You can find the MyBell Kickstarter here.