'Park Like an A**hole'? Website Is Watching You

Popularity of website soars as users print notices to leave on windshields.

ByABC News
November 11, 2010, 1:33 PM

Nov. 12, 2010— -- You know who you are.

Maybe you're the person who takes up two parking spaces so the precious Volvo won't get dinged. Or perhaps you're the "I'll just be in for a minute" driver who takes up a handicapped spot.

Possibly you're even the person who squeezes in so tight to the next car that the other person's only hope for getting in to their own vehicle is shimmying through the back hatch.

But with the popularity of an anti-bad parking website growing, don't be surprised to find an admonishing note left on your car telling you that you've parked "like an a**hole."

"It's like, 'Really?'" said Andy, creator of youparklikeana**hole.com. "'You're in your own little world here?'"

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Andy, a Rochester, N.Y.-area elementary school art teacher, created youparklikeana**hole.com -- his site doesn't use the family-friendly asterisks -- in 2006 as a project for his grad-school Web design class. He did not want his last name used, afraid one of the people who have sent him threats after finding notes on their cars may make good on their promises.

The site grew slowly, mostly patronized by just family and friends at first. A mention on Digg.com in December 2006 spiked his membership, which has ebbed and flowed the last two years. But recently, more people have been paying attention.

He now gets 1,000 visitors a day and photos from around the world. One man even wrote to ask his permission to translate the entire site into Portuguese -- then went ahead with it even when Andy hadn't responded yet.

"It's kind of flattering," Andy said, but he admitted he "ripped into him" before allowing the Portuguese site to continue.

Among the most popular features are printable notices that users can leave on windshields of offending victims. To date, there have been about 176,000 downloads -- 3,000 in just the past six days.

Users get two choices -- one that simply states the name of the Web site and another that offers a little more detail.

"Parking is far too limited in our overcrowded streets and parking lots, and you happened to park like an a**hole," the more detailed notice reads. "Go to the above website to see why someone else thought you parked like an a**hole. Don't be too offended, we all do it one time or another -- it just so happens you got caught."

Just above the printed lecture are eight common parking offenses with check-mark boxes next to them. The choices include, "Two spots, one car," "ummm... a little too close," "diagonal parking: not so cool car," "that's a compact?" and simply "other."

Andy said he's planning to add another choice soon for people who abuse handicapped parking spots.