Samsung 'Eye Mouse' Lets Users Control Computer With the Blink of an Eye

Samsung unveils an "eye mouse" geared toward the disabled.

— -- Samsung's eye scrolling technology has been taken to a new level by a volunteer group of engineers who have developed a system that allows a user to surf the Internet, write and edit documents with the blink of an eye.

It sounds like a futuristic dream, but Samsung's engineers today showed off the result of their passion project, which they hope will allow people with disabilities to be better able to use computers.

Unlike similar technology, Samsung's second-generation EYECAN+ doesn't require the user to wear any equipment or be in any specific position. The system works when users are situation approximately 2 feet away from the monitor, according to a news release from Samsung.

The EYECAN+ device is a portable box that is positioned below a computer monitor.

First-time users will have to calibrate their eyes to the technology so it can remember their ocular characteristics. From there, users will be able to write and edit messages and browse the Internet while they're seated or lying down -- controlling the system with their subtle eye movements.

Samsung said they do not plan to sell the EYECAN+ and instead "will manufacture a limited quantity to donate to charity organizations."

The technology and design of the breakthrough technology will soon be made open source, allowing other groups and companies free rein to commercialize the eye mouse, according to Samsung.