Galaxy Gear Review: The Next Big Thing Is Not Here

Is Samsung's new watch really that much smarter than the one on your wrist?

ByJoanna Stern
October 07, 2013, 10:34 AM

Oct. 7, 2013 — -- There are two reasons you might be wearing a watch right now. The first is obvious -- to tell time. The second? Because it looks good.

If you're not wearing a watch, there are probably reasons for that too. And one of the most likely is that you check the time when you pull out your phone to see if you have a new email or text message.Smartwatches promise to bring those two things -- a watch and a smartphone -- together.Samsung's Galaxy Gear is the first major smartwatch to arrive -- Google, Apple and Microsoft are all rumored to have their own high-tech bracelets up their respective sleeves. The Gear, which starts at $300 and requires Samsung's newest Note 3 phone to work, allows you to pick up calls with a tap of a button, reminds you of your meetings and even puts a camera and some apps on your body.While the Gear is an interesting meld of old and new technology, is it really the next big thing?Functional but Not Comfortable

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