Site Makes It Easy to Find Out Which of Your Facebook Friends Like Donald Trump

PHOTO: Donald Trumps official Facebook page is shown in a screen capture made on Dec. 10, 2015.PlayDonald Trump/Facebook
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The Donald Trump frenzy has hit a new high (or low?) with a new website called

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Chances are, if your Facebook friends like Donald Trump, you've probably already seen the signs in your newsfeed, but if you'd like a comprehensive list, type in the address. The site will redirect you to a Facebook search showing a list of your friends who like the GOP front-runner.

While we're not aware of any other websites yet that serve the same purpose for other candidates, a simple Facebook search can tell you everything you want to know. Simply type in "friends who like" and the candidate's name to get a list of which of your friends like that person.

It's important to note that just because someone likes a page, it doesn't necessarily mean they support the candidate -- they may just want to know what they've been up to on the campaign trail. Or in the case of Trump, maybe they just liked "The Apprentice."