My Background

— -- The rules are changing. Are you ready for a personal guide to the new world of media? Amanda Congdon blasted out of the blogosphere on Rocketboom, a unique web cast of news and views from the web world.

Now, she'll bring her unique experience and attitude to ABC News. Amanda's goal is to bring the best of the web -- all of its content, all of its culture, and even its potential for social change-- to the ABC News digital audience.

You thought you've seen interactive? You've never seen anything like this-- talk to Amanda, ask her questions, help shape her program. To Amanda, you aren't just a viewer-- you are an active partner in creating content.

And through it all, Amanda will bring her authentic, refreshing voice that is always right on the cutting edge.


Amanda is the President of Oxmour Entertainment. Last February, she played herself on the hit CBS show CSI. She is developing a show for HBO that will feature both television and online components. Most recently, Amanda traveled across the country as part of her "AmandaAcrossAmerica" project, where she chronicled her entire trip, via videoblog. Born and raised in New York City, Amanda graduated from Northwestern University.