TRANSCRIPT: Steve Jobs Talks to ABC News

Apple CEO hopes both CEOs and average Joes will have access to $199 iPhones.

ByABC News
February 12, 2009, 7:47 AM

June 9, 2008— -- KARLINSKY: We're curious about the business applications. The iPhone, for a lot of people, is all about fun. Why go after the business world?

JOBS: Well, you know the business world has bought a lot of iPhones in the last year. There's a ton of CEOs and senior executives in most of the Fortune 500 companies that have iPhones. And there's a lot of employees that have them at home and they really want to use them at work. So we've been getting a lot of requests to really figure out how to work with Enterprise Push email, Push calendars, Push contacts, Microsoft Exchange, basically. And the security associated with an enterprise that we didn't have in the first iPhone. And we've built all that stuff into the new iPhone.

KARLINSKY: How important is that going after the Blackberry, which has almost 50 percent market share. I mean, that's a lot of business if you get into that corporate market.

JOBS: Well, people are telling us they'd like to buy the iPhone if we had these features so we've added them. And we'll see what happens. There seems to be a lot of demand.

KARLINSKY: This is an odd concern, but do you worry at all that some CEOs may say "You know what, this is great, you've got you've addressed all our security concerns about the email. But we don't want our employees to have a device that will draw their attention to music and television and videos and all these other things."

JOBS: I think we're starting to see a lot of business applications that use video and things like that as well, so

KARLINSKY: So you think it will help on that front.

JOBS: Yeah, I do. I think people love the iPhone and they want to use it in business.

KARLINSKY: You know, I'm carrying my Blackberry and so many of us have these, and you see people carrying them around everywhere you go. Do you think that the iPhone can replace the Blackberry a Blackberry like this in many work environments? Is that something you strive for?

JOBS: Well, that's up to customers to decide. We're just going to give them the best iPhone we know how and they'll pick what they want.