Strange New World: Tech Picks of the Week

A recent FCC decision means a nationwide wireless network could be on the way.

Nov. 7, 2008— -- Now that all that election stuff is over, it's time to get back to the tech news that we know and love.

Well, OK, maybe a little bit more election news but then we're done. If you are looking for inauguration tickets don't get fooled online, the NFL did a phone-cast of the Bronco-Browns game and WiMax is ready to go. Here, now, are our picks of the week.

The Election Happened, Now What?

As the country comes out of its post-Election Day hangover, everybody is now wondering what happens next. Well, we are 75 days away from the official inauguration-day ceremony (Jan. 20, 2009) and it will probably be the hottest ticket in Washington, ever. Barack Obama was packing in giant crowds before he was President-elect Obama, so this is only going to get bigger.

The only way to get official tickets to the swearing-in ceremony is from a member of Congress (a senator or a representative). All of the official inauguration information can be found at the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies' Web site. It also includes a bunch of cool info about the changeover process.

Any other sites that you see on the Web, like, are just sites belonging to ticket brokers looking to make a buck. They might not even have tickets, so be careful.

The NFL on a Sprint Mobile Phone

Thursday marked the first Thursday night game of the 2008 NFL season and it was also the first NFL game broadcast to Sprint mobile phones.

The NFL and Sprint signed a five-year, $500 million exclusive partnership deal and, during the next seven weeks, eight NFL games will be phone-cast to Sprint customers.

The television broadcasts will be exclusively on the NFL Network, a cable network owned by the NFL that has had a hard time getting included on several regional cable TV networks. This Sprint deal might actually be the only way that some NFL fans, even those in the city where the game is played, can watch the game.

Sprint's NFL Mobile Live package is available on Sprint handsets for $15 a month. It remains to be seen if Sprint will recoup its hefty investment but the continued problems of the NFL Network can only increase the chances of the phone-casts' success.

WiMax Is Coming!

This week's announcement of the Federal Communications Commission's approval of the Sprint and Clearwater merger means that a nationwide WiMax network is now in the cards for the very near future.

The two companies pledge to work together and bring coverage to 100 million people by the end of 2008. Who knows if they will hit that goal, but it is possible.

The recent rollout of the Xohm network in Baltimore proved that large wireless WiMax networks are possible on a municipal level, so why not a nationwide one? How cool would it be to get a broadband speed Internet connection wirelessly on your laptop, anywhere you want?