Now on Twitter, Facebook, 65-Year-Old Smokey the Bear Is Young at Heart

On his 65th birthday, the famous PSA bear says to "Get Your Smokey On."

ByABC News
August 10, 2009, 3:16 PM

Aug. 10, 2009— -- Nearly everyone is familiar with the big, brown, fuzzy bear who reminds us that "Only you can prevent forest fires."

The sweet, but serious Smokey, also known as Smokey the Bear, is America's most well-known wildfire prevention icon, and today, people across the nation are honoring Smokey on his 65th birthday.

The U.S. Forest Service mascot represents one of the longest running public service announcement campaigns in U.S. history and has taken his popularity to a new level.

Now, kids can interact with Smokey and the Forest Service through interactive games and programs on the USFS Web site.

Smokey also has a fan page on Facebook with more than 7,000 fans. Several Smokey the Bear groups are also sprinkled throughout Facebook, such as "I Support Smokey the Bear" and the "Smokey the Bear Fan Club."

Making sure his bases are covered, Smokey also has a presence on Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.

Smokey's latest slogan? Forget the Uncle Sam "Only YOU..." references from yesteryear. The new Smokey, clad in blue jeans, isn't afraid to use a little slang and say, "Get your Smokey on!"

It's a reminder for campers, vacationers, hikers, tourists and homeowners to use Smokey's tips when it comes to campfire safety, debris burning, equipment maintenance and house safety.

The forest service is celebrating Smokey's birthday by releasing his new book, "Smokey Bear Story."

The bilingual illustrated children's book was released today in English and Spanish at the USDA headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is Smokey's latest approach to wildfire education, which the U.S. Forest Service hopes will engage children in learning.

"The book has tremendous educational value," U.S. Forest Service spokesman Joe Walsh said.