TechBytes: Dozens of New Tablets

Retailers show off new tablets; PBS website hacked; "DiRT 3" on sale.

May 31, 2011 — -- In today's TechBytes: dozens of new tablets. Fifty new tablet computers are on display at Computex in Taipei this week. It's Asia's largest computing show. More than 1,800 companies are there, and many want a piece of the booming tablet market.

PBS Website Hacked

For a brief time this weekend, the PBS website had false articles, log-in information and graffiti. A group claiming responsibility said it was unhappy with a recent program about WikiLeaks.

'DiRT 3' Goes on Sale

"DiRT 3," the latest edition of the rally car racers game, is now on sale. Sports Illustrated's Paul Ulane said it's the best racing title he's seen all year because the goal is about more than just getting to the finish line.

"It's about showing off your style throughout the course," Ulane said. "You have to power slide, skid, pull off doughnuts, reverses -- everything you can think of that will gain extra points and give you a gold medal in the end."

'DiRT 3' retails for about $60.