TechBytes: Mixed Reviews for Apple's iCloud

Apples iCloud debuts to mixed
WATCH TechBytes (08.02.11)

In today's TechBytes, Apple's iCloud is getting mixed reviews. It went live for the first time Monday, but there were glitches. Only some Apple customers could access it .

iCloud is a virtual environment where users can store their data to access from anywhere.

Pregnancy Updates on Facebook

Expecting moms can now post pregnancy updates on Facebook. A new profile page tag lets people announce the baby's due date, name and sex.

'Captain America: Super Soldier'

In today's video game review, 'Captain America: Super Soldier.' Just like the new feature film, this game is set during World War II. CNET's Dan Ackerman tried it out.

"Instead of using a gun, [Captain America] usually uses this big giant shield. So instead of having shootouts like you do in a lot of action games, you've gotta learn how to fight guys using acrobatics, using fists and using this big shield, which at least gives it kind of a unique spin," said Ackerman.

'Captain America: Super Solider' is on sale now and available for all of the major gaming systems.