TechBytes: Pandora's New Social Network

Tech Bytes (07.13.11)
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Big changes are coming to Pandora. The popular Internet radio service is adding its own social network, which will allow users to monitor which songs their friends are listening to and talking about.

The service is available now for premium subscribers and in several weeks for everyone else.


Speaking of social's been a couple of weeks since Google launched the trial version of Google+. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Boehret got a chance to use the service and found it easier to manage than Facebook.

"Google+ from the start allows you to put people into groups. That's really how you become friends with people - you add them to different circles. So they're saying right away from the start, we want you to categorize these people into different groups. And that allows you to control what people see, right from the beginning."

It remains a bit of an exclusive experience. As of right now, only those who receive invitations will be able to use Google+.