Xperia Play, Possible New iPhone

Sony Ericsson's new smartphone for gamers.

February 14, 2011, 6:48 PM

Feb. 14, 2011— -- Sony Ericsson introduced the Xperia Play phone today. The first PlayStation phone has a big touch screen and slide-out control pad with buttons similar to those on Sony's PlayStation Portable. Verizon Wireless will begin selling it in April.

Mini iPhone in the Works?Apple is said to be working on something of an iPhone nano. Published reports say the company is developing a less expensive iPhone that's about half the size of the current model. It's expected to be released this summer.

Modern Cell SitesNew technology being introduced this week at a cell phone trade show in Spain could mean the end of unsightly cell towers. Much smaller antennas could replace those towers and be placed on lamp posts, utility poles and buildings. The smaller cell technology could mean fewer dead spots and much faster data speeds. These cells could be in place beginning next year.

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