TechBytes: Presidential Twitter Town Hall

President Obama will take questions during a Twitter Town Hall.

July 6, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes: a Presidential Town Hall on Twitter. President Obama today is again answering questions from regular citizens. But this time, the questions are coming in via Twitter.

The hashtag is #AskObama and the subject is the economy and jobs. It will be his third social media town hall this year.

Verizon Ends Unlimited Data Plans

Today is the last day for new Verizon Wireless customers to get unlimited data plans for their smartphones. Starting Thursday, Verizon will switch to usage-based plans similar to AT&T's and T-Mobile's.

Current Verizon smartphone customers will not be affected by the change.

Netflix Expands

Netflix will expand its online TV and movie streaming service to Latin America later this year. Right now, the service is available only in two countries, the U.S. and Canada.

The expansion to 43 more countries had been expected, but few analysts thought it would be this big.