TechBytes: Social Networking for Drivers and Nintendo 3DS Review lets drivers connect with one another and the Nintendo 3DS is reviewed.

March 16, 2011— -- There's a new social networking service for drivers. links up people's license plate numbers with e-mail and voicemail accounts. So strangers who pass on the road can now leave messages for one another. The service is free for all who register.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is bringing 3-D to portable gaming. The Nintendo 3DS, due in stores later this month, allows users to see images in 3-D without wearing glasses. But the Wall Street Journal's Katie Boehret has some mixed feelings about this new feature.

"I felt like the 3-D made it more interactive for me and helped me get into the games a little bit more than a regular portable gaming device, but the problem with my eyes getting tired and me feeling a little bit dizzy after a while is certainly something to think about," Boehret said.