TechBytes: Webcam as Credit Card Reader

A new service allows buyers to hold a credit card up to a
WATCH TechBytes (07.28.11)

In today's TechBytes, a new service could make it easier to buy things online. Netswipe lets users make payments simply by holding their credit cards in front of a webcam.

The company Jumio says that this will not only speed up the payment process, but will cut down on fraud.

Music streaming service Spotify has been grabbing headlines since it debuted in the United States this month, but there's another new music service,

As Sam Grobart of the New York Times explains, the social networking element makes it different.

"Turntable is a mixture of social media and music, in that it's more of an event," Grobert said. "You're in a room and you don't have to pay attention, but if you're DJ'ing let's say, it will be your turn to put a song on, and you'll want to put a song on, and people can comment there. And there's more of a general vibe of people chatting and having a good time." is free but you have to be invited to join.