Tinder Nurse Aims to Educate Flirty Men on Health Issues

They wanted a date but got info about prostate cancer instead.

June 3, 2014— -- A Tinder account purporting to be one that belongs to a beautiful nurse is dishing out advice about prostate cancer on the popular dating app.

Men lured by Nicole’s pretty profile photo swipe right to launch a conversation –- but are sidelined when she starts spouting about June being men’s health month and urging them to get a check-up. In her words, she's "talking dirty to dirtbags in the name of men's health."

But not all men are fans.

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“Thanks a lot for that information. That’s what I was looking for on Tinder,” one match wrote sarcastically.

“How are you even on Tinder at work, Shouldn’t you be saving lives??” another user wrote.

Others took the advice in stride but still tried to flirt.

“That’s kinda hot haha. Can I get an exam?” one man wrote.

Others promised they would sign up for a check-up if Nicole would be their nurse.

The hilarious responses are posted on the website, matchesformenshealth.com.

Unbeknownst to the eager Tinder matches, the nurse isn’t real –- she’s part of a project by two creative interns in New York -- Vince Mak, 23, and Colby Spear, 24 -- in support of Men’s Health Month, which is June.

"The responses were definitely mixed," Spear told ABC News. "They got the message for sure. I think some guys were genuinely appreciative of it. Others didn't know what to make of it."

Spear and Mak plan to continue the project throughout June and post the funniest conversations online.

"We always thought there were funny things to do with Tinder -- both of us use it and joke about it," Spear said. "It seemed like a perfect way to raise awareness."