Tinder Reveals the Most Attractive Jobs for Men and Women

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Tinder, the dating app where swiping right can indicate interest in someone and left to dismiss them, revealed a list today of the most attractive jobs for men and women using the app.

Need help having your love life take flight? The most right-swiped job for men was a pilot, while the top job for women is a physical therapist.

"The list was compiled based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 through January 2016," Tinder explained in a blog post today.

Without further ado, here's Tinder's breakdown of the most right-swiped occupations.


Pilot, Founder/Entrepreneur, Firefighter, Doctor, TV/Radio Personality, Teacher, Engineer, Model, Paramedic, College Student, Lawyer, Personal Trainer, Financial Advisor, Police Officer, Military


Physical Therapist, Interior Designer, Founder/Entrepreneur, PR/Communications, Teacher, College Student, Speech Language Pathologist, Pharmacist, Social Media Manager, Model, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Flight Attendant, Personal Trainer, Real Estate Agent