Top 5 New Gadgets of the Week: Etch A Sketch iPad Case, Fuel Cell Phone Charger

PHOTO: Clockwise from top left: Aperion ARIS speaker, HP Envy Spectre XT, Lecia V Lux 40 point and shoot camera, Etcher.Clockwise from top left: Aperion, HP, Leica, Etcher
Clockwise from top left: Aperion ARIS speaker, HP Envy Spectre XT, Lecia V Lux 40 point and shoot camera, Etcher.

intro: If you weren't paying attention to tech news this week, here's a short recap: Facebook is building an app store, Bing's refreshed its search page with Twitter and Facebook results, and a clip of Steve Jobs acting as FDR in 1984 has resurfaced.

But some cool gadgets were announced this week as well. Our gadget roundup this week features the nostalgically fun Etch a Sketch case for the iPad, a fuel cell USB battery charger for smartphones, and HP's newest ultrabook. Click through for more on our exciting gadget picks this week.

quicklist: 1 title: Aperion ARIS Wireless Speaker System text: Just another wireless speaker system right? Almost, but not quite. Like most wireless speakers these days, the ARIS has Hi-Fi sound and wireless remote connectivity, but it stands apart from the pack with Windows compatibility. Using the ARIS App, select any device on your Wi-Fi network, be it your Windows phone, laptop, or desktop, then crank up the volume using your phone as a remote, and jam. $499 is a steep price to pay to be a Windows lover, but Aperion's answer for AirPlay apostates ships on June 18. (Aperion) media: 16329268

quicklist: 2 title: Etcher: Etch a Sketch for iPad text: Everyone remembers their Etch a Sketch from childhood, most of us a little more fondly than Mitt Romney. This new Kickstarter project from Ari Krupnik brings back all the wonderful memories of childhood doodling without the drawbacks. The Etcher is an iPad case that transforms your tablet into an Etch a Sketch with functioning drawing knobs and a simple interface for saving and sharing your drawings online. To clear your image and relive your youth, just shake the iPad. The project is being funded now on Kickstarter. (Kickstarter) media: 16329281

quicklist: 3 title: Brookstone USB Charger text: Quite possibly the most useful invention of the year, Lilliputian Systems and Brookestone are developing a USB charging unit for any phone that uses fuel cell technology. The butane-powered fuel cell will fully charge a smartphone up to 14 times per cartridge. While lighter fluid may sound like a hazard, the cartridges will be allowed on airplanes and old cartridges will be recyclable. No word on pricing or availability, but we can't wait to get our hands on the solution to the tech nightmare -- running out of juice. (Brookstone) media: 16329400

quicklist: 4 title: Leica V-Lux 40 text: The Leica V-Lux is both stylish and formidable as a compact camera, with a new 24-480 mm f/3.3-6.4, 20x optical zoom lens from Leica. Another interesting feature of the V-Lux 40 is the built-in GPS that stores location and time information in each image file. However, shooting video at 1080p with a user-friendly interface to easily upload content to the Internet is pretty standard fare. It's available now from Leica for a jaw-dropping $699, but you're likely to find similar specs sans the Lecia lens in a much less expensive camera. (Leica) media: 16329357

quicklist: 5 title: HP Envy Spectre XT text: HP's new ultrabook offerings look very impressive with the Envy Spectre XT leading the lineup. At just over three pounds and slightly thicker than half an inch, the ultraportable laptop has a respectable 13-inch screen and the impressive processing power that only an Ivy Bridge chip can provide. Also inside, the Envy Spectre XT packs 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive alongside WiDi to wirelessly connect to a TV, and Beats Audio. Available for pre-order at $1000, and ships June 8. (Hewlett-Packard) media: 16329321