Welcome to the Twitter Profile of the Future: 4 Changes to Expect

Four changes Twitter says users can expect.

ByABC News
November 12, 2014, 5:13 PM
The Twitter logo is displayed in a photo illustration on a mobile device, Nov. 7, 2013 in London.
The Twitter logo is displayed in a photo illustration on a mobile device, Nov. 7, 2013 in London.
Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

— -- Twitter revealed some radical changes today that are on the horizon for users' timelines.

At its first ever Analyst Day conference, the company revealed some of the innovations that will be rolling out in the coming weeks and months as it continues to grow and find more ways to engage its audience.

A little more than a year after Twitter's lackluster IPO, the conference was an important day for the company as it signaled to investors that it does have a plan to continue to grow and engage its audience.

With more than 500 million tweets sent per day, pushing Twitter forward starts with its user base. Here are four ways Twitter said it plans to change the user experience in the future.

What You Missed

Twitter is getting rid of FOMO -- that’s fear of missing out. Now you can step away from Twitter and rejoin the conversation without worrying that you've missed a relevant tweet.

“We can use information like who you follow and what you engage with to surface highlights of what you missed and show those to you as soon as you log back in or come back to the app,” Twitter said in a blog post.

Taking a Conversation Private

It will soon be easier to take a public conversation private. Twitter says the first change, allowing users to share and discuss tweets natively in direct messages, will be rolled out next week.

Video Made Easier

Twitter is getting rid of the hassle of sharing video. In the first half of next year, Twitter says users can expect an update that will make it easier to record, edit and videos natively.

Instant Timeline

Twitter wants to inject some life into newbie's timelines. Expect to see tweets from people you don’t follow but who Twitter thinks may be relevant to your interests.