Venus and Jupiter to Put on 'Best Backyard Sky Show of 2015'

NASA says tonight could be the "best backyard sky show of 2015."

ByABC News
June 30, 2015, 12:58 PM

— -- Venus and Jupiter will appear to glide closer together tonight with the bright planets' spectacular conjunction being visible in the night sky in what NASA says could be the "best backyard sky show of 2015."

The planets have been slowly getting closer to each other over the past few weeks. Tonight will be the culmination with both planets appearing one-third of a degree apart, giving them the appearance of a double star, according to NASA.

While conjunctions aren't rare, they are fun to check out in a clear night sky. When the sun goes down, head outside and look west. Venus and Jupiter, the brightest planets in the night sky, should be visible in clear weather.

Since they'll be closer together than the diameter of a full moon, try outstretching your hand and covering both glowing planets with something as small as your pinky finger.