Watch What Happens When a Donut Goes to Space

Swedish team sends a donut and a camera into space.

— -- It's one small step for man, but one giant leap for pastry lovers everywhere.

Two Swedish brothers took a weather balloon and used it to send what they're calling the first ever donut in space.


A camera shows the pink frosted donut with sprinkles as it appears to take its helium-fueled ride high into the sky. The land below appears smaller and smaller as the donut makes its ascent.

Once it reaches a point 20 miles up in the stratosphere, it appears the weather balloon pops sending the perfect pastry and the other equipment on board in a free-fall back to Earth.

The donut met a tragic end when it splashed down into a lake, according to the video. Te soggy pastry and its accompanying equipment were recovered by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

The donut may have been dampened, but the spirits of the two brothers who pulled off the apparent feat were anything but.

The duo posted a video a few days after their stunt where they sampled the space donut while preserving the rest of the pastry for posterity.