Watch Tesla's Snake-Like Charger Slither Into a Model S

Charger plugs itself in to charge without any effort from the owner.

ByABC News
August 6, 2015, 1:20 PM

— -- Tesla Motors today showed off a video of what could be the charger of the future: a solid metal snake-like contraption that can automatically plug itself into the electric vehicle.

A video posted on Tesla's Twitter account today shows a prototype charger carefully slithering its way to the vehicle and then plugging itself in to begin the charging process.

The entire process requires absolutely no human effort. Musk first announced in December his team was working on the project. It's unknown how soon Tesla owners could potentially have their own slithering charger.

Tesla also announced on Wednesday it would begin deliveries of its highly anticipated Model X SUV next month. In an earnings statement reported on Wednesday, the company said it plans to produce just over 12,000 vehicles in its third quarter, a 60 percent increase from one year ago, with a small number of those including Model X deliveries.