Statement from Procter & Gamble Regarding Fixodent Investigation

Procter & Gamble is committed to providing safe and effective products for all consumers. That is who we are and what we stand for. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products safely deliver best-in-class performance, so consumers can choose our products with total confidence. Fixodent is safe for use as directed, as supported by the experience of millions of consumers over many years. Our Fixodent formula has undergone extensive scientific testing, and we continuously monitor for its safe use. As with many of our products, we have updated the information we provide on our Fixodent packaging and our website over time to ensure consumers know how to use the product properly. Fixodent products and packaging meet all federal and local laws and regulations. The 2008 Nations article reported observations for four individuals. It was not a controlled clinical study. The authors of the article speculate about a "possible association" between chronic excessive use of zinc-containing denture adhesives and neurologic symptoms. In fact, we believe that no controlled clinical study has ever established a causal link. We know of no valid scientific evidence that using Fixodent as directed causes any ill health effects. The questions you've posed appear to have been written by lawyers who are litigating against us, and we have responded appropriately here. We will, however, answer all of these questions as part of the court process, where a full record of evidence can be presented. Consumers can continue to use Fixodent, as directed, with total confidence in its quality and safety. For more information about Fixodent, please visit