Woman Sues Victoria's Secret Over Thong 'Malfunction'

L.A. woman seeks compensation for alleged eye injury caused by fastener.

ByABC News
June 18, 2008, 3:38 PM

June 19, 2008— -- A Los Angeles woman is suing the lingerie-producing giant Victoria's Secret over a thong gone wrong.

Fifty-two-year-old Macrida Patterson, who works in parking enforcement for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, says she suffered a scratched cornea after either a pendant or a metal fastener snapped off a pair of panties and struck her in the eye.

"It does seem sort of unbelievable at first," said Patterson's attorney, Jason Buccat. But, he said, his client's injuries will "affect her for the rest of her life."

Tammy Roberts Myers, a Victoria's Secret spokeswoman, said the company had not seen the lawsuit and had no comment.

The thong, a Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Thing low-rise v-string, had a heart-shaped pendant attached to the fabric with a metal fastener, according to the lawsuit. When Patterson was changing after work, the metal piece snapped, creating a "slingshot effect," and either the pendant or the metal piece "cut her eye," Buccat said.

After the incident, Patterson drove home but "barely made it" because of her eye injury, Buccat said. He added that Patterson, who referred calls for comment to her lawyer, suffered a scratched cornea and had to miss two weeks of work.

Buccat would not release the name of Patterson's ophthalmologist, saying the trial is still in discovery. New York ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas Kuhns, who did not treat Patterson, said it is hard to comment without seeing the injury, but "a cornea abrasion usually clears up in a day or two."

Patterson is seeking compensation for lost wages, but Buccat claims the case is not about money.

The case "holds retailers accountable for products they sell," he said.