Judge Scolds Principal for 'Relentless Crusade' Against Gays

A Florida high school principle banned pro-gay messages on school grounds.

July 28,2008—, 2008 -- A federal judge scolded a Panhandle school principal, saying the official led a "relentless crusade" against gay and lesbian students at Ponce de Leon High School.

Student Heather Gillman and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Holmes County School District. A federal judge ruled that Davis violated Gillman's rights by silencing all pro-gay messages.

According to the suit, Davis told a gay student it wasn't right for her to be homosexual and held a morality assembly, according to testimony. The court's opinion was released last week.

In response to the ruling, the district is training teachers in free speech issues this. School Superintendent Steve Griffin said Monday that Davis is no longer a principal; he now teaches American government classes.