Funnies: Sanjaya Voting Record

A roundup of the late-night comics.

Late Show

David Letterman: Anybody see the debate? It was really weird, that John Edwards -- after his rebuttal -- he demanded 2 minutes for conditioner.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: Actually Joe Biden was there. He was good. And in fact Joe's popularity has gone from one percent to two percent last week to three percent today. Do you realize at this rate he could win the nomination by the year 2032?

Real Time

Bill Maher: Former CIA Director George Tenet has a book, a new book, where he says that there was no serious debate within the administration about going into Iraq. It's apparently very hard on Dick Cheney. They asked Dick Cheney today if he was going to read the book. He said, "Well, I never anything, read anything he wrote before. Why should I start now?"

The Tonight Show

(shows video of debate)

Jay Leno: Now Senator Clinton, let's talk about your voting record. I understand that for five weeks in a row you voted to keep Sanjaya on American Idol.

Sen. Clinton: I take responsibility for my vote. It was a sincere vote based on the information available to me.

Jay Leno: Anyone else vote for Sanjaya?

Gov. Richardson: No.

Sen. Dodd: No.

Rep. Kucinich: No.

Sen. Biden: Yes.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart: This week, Congress will send a bill which provides the President with all the money that he has asked to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and more. The President's reaction to the news was typical.

President Bush: I'll veto it.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert: Election day is only 19 months away and I hate to say it, but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut winner yet. Come on media, it's your job to preemptively anoint someone so we all know who to give our money to.