Funnies: Angelina Economic Adoption

A look at the best in late night political comedy.

Sept. 14, 2008— -- Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

Late Show

David Letterman: New York City cab drivers, by the way, are offering their Barack Obama special. They'll gladly accept change.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: Some good news for John McCain. His poll numbers are up 4 percent and his liver spots are down 3 percent.

Late Night

Conan O'Brien: Dictator Kim Jon-Il is very sick. He may have to shift power to one of his three sons. Kim Jong-Nam, Kim Jong-Chul or Kim Jong-Woon. Yeah, of course there's still an out of the box chance he'll pick Sarah Palin.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: They've already come out with a Sarah Palin action figure. And today, the democrats released a Joe Biden action figure. It talks, and talks, and talks

Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson: Do you know who is 10 years old today? Google! I know! For a whole decade now Google has been helping Americans find old friends, good prices, and vice presidential running mates.

Late Show

David Letterman: Are you folks following this Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae fiasco? Do you know anything about it? It's horrible it's it? I mean horrible and scary. Thank God it's over. Earlier today, earlier today Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were both adopted by Angelina Jolie.