Funnies: Fashion on the Campaign Trail

A look at the best in late-night political comedy.

Oct. 26, 2008— -- Here's a roundup of the late-night comics.

Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson: Obama is so far ahead now, it seems the only way he can lose is if supporters screw it up. But, aha, Obama's supporters have a secret weakness. They're Democrats.

Saturday Night Live

Obama impersonator: And of course, the party is not complete without Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton impersonator (singing with two female back-up dancers): Don't you, forget about me. Don't, don't, don't.

Real Time

Bill Maher: Do you like the suit? It's from the Sarah Palin collection at Neimen Marcus.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart: How do you spend $150,000 on clothes in two months? What? Did you buy the original "Thriller" jacket off eBay? (shows Palin in her red "Thriller"-like jacket) All right, got me there!

Saturday Night Live [Weekend Update]

Seth Meyers: On Wednesday, Barack Obama danced live by satellite for the Ellen Show to show he's not a Muslim, but rather very, very white.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel: Watch how effortlessly Biden weaves the jersey he got into his campaign speech. Biden: Your coach gave me a jersey, number 21. 21 reminds me of the most famous number in all of American college sports. It's number 44. It was at my alma mater Syracuse. Jimmy Brown wore it. Kimmel: Well, there you go, we witnessed together officially the worst segue ever.

Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson: They're so far ahead in the polls, the Democrats, they are nothing thinking about the election. They're too busy shopping at Whole Foods for a big Obama victory party. Let's see, I've got brie, and free-range mushrooms and tofu. I forgot to vote!!!

Saturday Night Live -- Thursday

Will Ferrell as Bush: I wanted to help Sarah Palin and John McCain by giving them what every candidate wants most – a primetime, heavily publicized endorsement from George W. Bush.