Funnies: A Year in Funnies

Here's a roundup of the late-night comics.

Saturday Night Live

Poehler: I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. Fey: And I can see Russia from my house!

Saturday Night Live

Fey: I believe marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.

Sudeikis: You know I get a little tired of being told I'm an insider. I came from Scranton, Pa., and that's as hardscrabble place you'll find. I'll show you around sometime and you'll see…it's a hellhole.

Late Night

Conan O'Brien: The founders of Ben and Jerry's ice cream are endorsing Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton. That's true, yeah. Which makes sense because "Baracky Road" is a catchier name for an ice cream than "Pantsuits and Cream."

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: Barack Obama announced this week he'll visit Iraq and Afghanistan before the election in November. He said he wants to see an area that's been over run by violent extremists. So sounds like he already misses his old church.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert: The Democrats cannot stop this man. They can only hope he gets sidetracked by a "Murder She Wrote" marathon on TVland.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Kimmel: Joe Biden unleashed what I hope will become his signature move. Look at this -- [Biden gets down on one knee with arm out and aims a finger gun at someone in the crowd].

The Daily Show

Obama: Sen. McCain suggests somehow I'm green behind the ears. Stewart: You might not want to bring up ears [putting fingers behind ears to make them stick out].

Saturday Night Live

Rap Posse: McCain-Palin going to put the nail in the coffin of the media elite. She likes red meat. Shoot a mother humping moose eight days of the week. [Gunshots]

Late Show

Letterman: Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama is our new president *white flash* ... And I think I speak for most Americans when I say, anybody mind if he starts a little early?