Russell Simmons and the Millions More Movement

Ten years after the Million Man March, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons helped organize the sequel. The Millions More Movement filled the National Mall Saturday. The message: Change is coming.

Russell Simmons: America has to be equipped for the fact that it will one day be a minority country, very soon. It's moving toward where the people have to learn to love and appreciate each other. But the good news is that young people are not accepting their parents' ideas.

The Millions More Movement is going to be an amazing, amazing movement.

Certainly, I can say that that first Million Man March changed my life. We learned about how we can help others uplift those who are in struggle. And that brings you up, right?

To have people go back and join their church or synagogue or mosque and commit, you know, again -- or recommit to their purpose, which is moving toward God. These kinds of things [have] tremendous benefits.

We have to wage a real war on poverty and ignorance. When the people speak up, the politicians work for the people. And so I think the message is that poor people are coming together and that they may become a power that you have to deal with. They may vote in a bloc. They may recognize their similarity instead of, you know ... . Race used to be a way, a good way, to divide the poor or divide people.

If it's God's work and it's the right thing to do, and the number of people, if it's a couple hundred thousand or a million, it's still an inspiring day, it's still a call to action, it's still a success story -- at least in my eyes.