Christo's Latest Vision -- Feb. 6, 2005

A weekly feature on "This Week."


Christo is an artist who never thinks small. His next project opens Feb. 12, and consists of 23 miles of fabric flowing through Central Park at a cost of $20 million. "The Gates" is the latest vision from Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude.

Jeanne-Claude: "It will be a work of art of joy and beauty -- and it will be a joy, a beautiful joy to be walking under the gates."

Christo: "You can walk by yourself or with a friend. This project is very intimate."

Jeanne-Claude: "When the sun will be behind the fabric, then the fabric will become gold and yellow. But in the shade it will be deep red -- also when it's wet, either by water or by snow. It changes color -- not only changing the shape of the panel in the wind. So Mother Nature is our friend."

Christo: "One gate is not the work of art. Two gates is not the work of art. The 7,500 gates in Central Park in New York City is the work of art."

Jeanne-Claude: "We never think of the public. An artist creates for oneself. If somebody else likes it, it's a bonus. But we do it for us."


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: But the story of the night was applause and a broad variety was on display. [Footage of Laura Bush] The enthusiastic spousal clap. [Footage of Sen. John Kerry] The clap of the dammed. [Footage of Sen. Joseph Biden] Joe Biden's premature clap-ulation. [Footage of man] The who-am-I-and-why-am-I-on-camera clap. [Footage of Bill Frist] And of course Dr. Bill Frist, safe clapping. Because palm-on-palm clapping could give you AIDS.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

Ferguson: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice left for Europe this morning with a plan to visit every country which sided with the U.S. in the war on Iraq. She should be back in about half an hour. She'll be right back.